How To Take/Harvest/Capture Images on the iPad

There are about 4 main ways to get images onto the iPad to use for movies, presentations, and other apps on the device. Let's take a look at them from the simplest to most complex:

  • Camera. With the iPad 2, you can quickly and simply use the Camera app to take photos or video. These are saved in the Photo app in the Camera Roll collection. PhotoBooth can also be used to take funny or silly photos, which are saved in the same place.
  • Internet. If you want to use an image from the web, in the Safari app you can simply do a long-press on the image you want, and the iPad will display a menu after a second or two to ask if you want to Open, Save Image or Copy it. Taping the Save Image option will save it to the Camera Roll as well.
  • Screen Capture. You can save an image of whatever is on the entire iPad screen by pressing the only two buttons on the??device??- the Home button on the front (the button with the square) and the On/Off button on the top/side. When you click these two at the same time, the screen will flash and you'll hear a camera shutter sound. The captured image will be saved to the Camera Roll.
  • Email or Dropbox. If an image is saved on another device or computer, it can be transferred via email to the user. I know that you are in an elementary setting, so this may not be??feasible. You could also set up Dropbox on your computer and download the??Dropbox??app on the iPad. Drop the image (or file or video or whatever) into your Dropbox folder on your computer, and it's instantly available on the iPad through??the app. It can then be saved to the Camera Roll.
Once an image makes it to the Camera Roll in the Photos app, you can reuse and remix them with seemingly a million other apps.

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