Best Presentation and Document Editing App for the iPad? What day is it?

A great technology teacher that I work with all of the time asked me a seemingly simple question in an email yesterday…

"Best app to use Google docs and presentations on IPad? Am I asking for trouble trying to create presentations on IPad?"

Well…. It looks like??mobile editing of Google Docs without an app??is coming, but we are certainly not there yet. I've had pretty good luck with??Office2 HD,??GoDocs??is another solution out there, but I have not tried it at all.

I found a nice simple text editor the other day, called??TextWriter??that will let you email documents to and from the iPad, and there are many other??great writing apps??that will work with Dropbox synching.

The good news is that today is Tuesday, October 11, which makes tomorrow October 12, which makes that the day that iOS 5 comes out – complete??with the iCloud and document syncing. In which case I might not really try to mess with Google Docs or Dropbox and instead try to use the document syncing features that Apple will provide.??

Keynote??is an amazing app on the iPad, and is great for not only viewing and presenting slide shows, but also is great for making them on the device. And??Pages??is probably the best document editor and page layout program on the iPad. I know that the two are a little pricey, but I think that they are worth the price of admission.??

If you don't want to go that route, soon the document syncing will be built in to many apps on the iPad, and the need to keep a document in Google Docs will be alleviated.??

Maybe this is too many options, but that's my job, isn't it??? If I have to choose one today to??recommend??for Google Docs, it'd be??Office2 HD.??

But, who knows what tomorrow will bring? 😉

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