Data Review for Hurricane High

  1. First Steps – Get your CACTUS ID#
    1. You’ll need this ID# to know what classes are yours in the Data Display. If you know your CACTUS ID, you can skip this step!
    2. Otherwise, head to and click the ‘Forgot Login?’ link. Enter in your full school email address, and click ‘Send Login’
    3. Log into your school email at – your CACTUS ID will be included with the email sent from MyUEN. 
    4. CACTUS ID#________________________
  2. Access USOE Data Display
    1. Use your Firefox web browser for best results
    2. – access from your school ‘Web Links’
    3. Get username and password from your trainer!
  3. Data Display Overview
    1. Navigate with the ‘Breadcrumbs’ – Do NOT use the Browser Back button
    2. ‘Filters’ can be used at any level to refine and narrow the results you are viewing
      1. Click ‘Submit’ After any changes in the filters
      2. Data Display will maintain the filters until you reset them
    3. Chart bars and hyperlinked percentages and numbers are all drill-able
  4. Explore Your Test Proficiency Levels
    1. First, select your district from the list. Once the page refreshes, choose your school from the ‘School:’ drop-down menu and click ‘Submit’ on the right side of the page.
    2. You’ll see your school average for all tests in a subject compared to the district and state.
    3. From your school-wide summaries, click on a column to drill into a subject – any chart in the DD is drill-able.
    4. Once in the ‘Subject Results’ for your school, you can see how your school did on each grade level or subject on the bottom right chart. Top pie chart and bar chart summarizes student performance levels.
    5. Take a look at each subject/grade level. How did your school do on that specific test?
    6. For more specific information, click on the column for the test(s) that you teach.
    7. The ‘Curriculum Standards’ report will show student performance on the top. The bottom chart shows a comparison of how your district and school did compared to the state average for this test (0%) on the chart.
    8. Explanation of Teachers’ Variance from State % Correct chart
    9. Using the ‘Teacher’ filter drop-down, choose your CACTUS ID number to view how your classes performed on the CRT. Your average will bealong side the district and school average on the ‘Variance from State %’ chart below.
    10. If you taught more than one subject/grade level, use the ‘Test Name:’ filter and the ‘Teacher:’ filters again to view those results – clicking the ‘Submit’ button between each change in the filters.
    11. For a broader view of how all of the teachers in a subject did on each test, click the ‘CRT Graphical View by All Teachers’ report on the bottom of the page.
    12. Click the CRT breadcrumb on the top left to go back to the main page, then repeat the above steps to see the school performance in different subjects and tests.

Here’s the handout that we used for today’s training:

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