Effective Online Research Strategies

Links/Resources for Content Area Literacy on September 29, 2011 – Permalink to this article: http://goo.gl/RKOry Google For Educators – Tools for your classroom, classroom activities, posters, teacher community Google Search Tips poster below in ….

Great Examples of Prezi in Use

What is Prezi in a nutshell??? Sign up for a free Prezi account, or a free Prezi Edu Enjoy account if you have a school-provided email address. Mixing Mind & Metaphor: Mixing Mind and Metaphor on Prezi 30 Things About Me: 30 Things About Me on Prezi

UTIPS – “Name Not Given” Fix

After the test results purge, an unexpected problem surfaced. Each UTIPS user needs to re-associate their login with their account on UTIPS. It’s a quick fix, but unfortunately it’s one that needs to be done by each user. Here’s how:

Data Review for Hurricane High

First Steps – Get your CACTUS ID# You???ll need this ID# to know what classes are yours in the Data Display. If you know your CACTUS ID, you can skip this step! Otherwise, head to http://my.uen.org/ and click the ???Forgot Login???? link. Enter in your …