Google Sites – Calendar Uses The Wrong Time Zone

This question came from one of my teachers yesterday:

When I insert my Google calendar to the Google site I’m making, all the times are Pacific Time Zone.  My original calendar settings are Mountain Time Zone.  It’s only when I insert it to my website?

Wow… I think I have a solution, but I don’t think I could have ever found it by digging around myself – I had to scour the Google Sites Help Pages. There is a magic ‘User Settings’ page somewhere within Google Sites where you can set the time zone for your site. My calendars were not displaying correctly either – and this fixed it for me.

Here’s the fix: Once you are logged into your site, open up a new window/tab in your browser and head to this page:

Once there, choose your correct time zone – for Utah it would be GMT -7:00 – Denver or Boise option (which one probably does not matter as long as you don’t choose the Phoenix one since they don’t observe Daylight Savings as we do). Save your settings and refresh your calendar page and hopefully the issue will be gone.

Thanks for the message. I gave up a while ago on trying to solve this problem – now we all know. 😀


2 responses to “Google Sites – Calendar Uses The Wrong Time Zone”

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  2. Johnmichael Monteith

    I had really hoped that would work, but unfortunately – Google Sites is still showing the embedded calendar with the wrong time zone. It works fine in the “edit” portion of Google Sites, but on the production website, it is still messed up. I might just need to remove the calendar from the site.

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