Aug 112011

The USOE Data Display is the best tool at your fingertips to track CRT performance of a district, school, subject, class and even teacher over time. It’s also the best way to compare CRT scores to the state average, and between districts in the state to get an idea of how ‘those guys’ are doing on the same tests given state-wide.

Another advange of the Data Display is that you can actually compare your students performance, standard by standard, on each standard tested in a core area to the district and state average – quickly identifying those areas where you are strong and where your instruction could use some fine tuning. 

Also avaialbe in the Data Display are Progress Scores that show the growth of learning from year to year on a school, subject, and class level. Progress scores, along with the other features of the Data Display are outlined in the handout below from today’s training:

UTIPS Core is a reinvention of our current UTIPS formative testing system. Each district will have their own UTIPS Core access page (for Iron, for example), but the service is now consolidated on one server on the state level which will facilitate the addition of new core testing items and questions from other formative testing services.

UTIPS Core is still in it’s early stages (Beta state) but is open and available for you to ‘test drive’. You can import all of your current UTIPS tests (or tests from another teacher) and create new tests from the Item Pool of your choice – even for the new Common Core in Math (Language Arts coming soon).

To get started, you’ll need your CACTUS ID number which you can obtain by loggin into your MyUEN page. If you can’t remember your MyUEN login, use the ‘Forgot Password’ link at the bottom of the login page, and your password will be emailed to your IronMail email account.

Unfortunately, there are no training materials or handouts on the UTIPS Core system yet, but they will be coming soon. Check back to this website under the UTIPS Core Tag for the latest news and resources.

SAMS 2 is a collection of some amazing student-based reports based on historical CRT data, current grades and attendance. SAMS 2 is accessed through your PowerTeacher account. John Meisner has put together a page on SAMS 2 with some great tutorial videos – one that gives a general overview of the reports, and one focused on finding individual student information.

Aug 112011

You can find this information later by heading to the Google Apps tag on my blog.

First, let’s REALLY go beyond Gmail. Google keeps a page of tips that will take you from a Gmail White Belt to a certified Ninja Master!  Here is a friendly, downloadable document version in PDF that you can save and print.

How is Google Docs different than Word or whatever else you have used before?

If the above video space is blank, you can view it here.


or you can view the presentation here.

DEMO: Using Google Forms and Flubaroo to create and grade a quiz – complete with auto-emailing results. Take the quiz now!


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