Feb 182011
  • Create groups. You can create groups for entire classes or for study groups with smaller subsets of students that allow for easy sharing of information and communication, without students even having to friend each other.
  • Schedule events. From beginning of semester mixers to after-finals celebrations, easily schedule events for the entire class using Facebook.
  • Send messages. From unexpected absences to rescheduling exams, it???s easy to send messages through Facebook.
  • Share multimedia. With the ability to post videos, photos, and more, you can share multimedia content easily with the entire class.
  • Post class notes. Post notes after each class period for students to have access for review or in case they were absent.

Although this list is aimed at college students and professors, there are MANY great ideas here to utilize Facebook for more than just keeping up with friends.

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Feb 182011

History Quilt Square


Let students show what they know on the quilt square. Click to use the template and then save it with a new name for every group. Let students double click each on the words they want to edit. Let them replace the words with their own. Students may replace the pictures by uploading or linking others. For other tools go to: http://sites.google.com/site/uteachwithtechnology/tools-for-teachers/my-examp…


I guess I need to start looking for more educational templates for Google Docs – the last I looked the selection was quite paltry. This site seems to guide you to a wealth of great templates that can be used in your classroom paper-free! See the full article here.