UTIPS: Now that the ‘Folder’ tests on the front page are gone, how do I create my own tests?

You may be a little upset about the change, but the practice exams from the folders on the UTIPS login page are no longer available. This change has come because that although they were convenient, they contained EVERY question in a given objective for a subject and standard – whether that was 20 questions or 200. That is obviously WAY TOO MANY questions to expect your students to effectively work through in any one sitting.
You want a good and accurate measure of your student???s progress, don???t you?
The solution is to make your own tests that cover the exact standard & objective that you want, and has exactly the number of questions that is appropriate for the time that you have. Some of you may have forgotten how to do this very thing – even though every UTIPS training starts off with how to create your own tests.
If you need a little refresher, you can view this 5-minute video that will cover how to use the ???Cookie Cutter??? to create exactly the test that you want in about 30 seconds. It will also show how to publish the test so that it is available to your students to take, and also how to get YOUR students to YOUR student page where they can find your newly created tests.

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