Adobe Spark in the Classroom

Adobe Spark is is a suite of FREE apps, including Video, Post, and Page, that allows you and your students to create beautiful social graphics, web stories and animated video – in minutes – without being a creative professional. With Spark in the classroom, you can easily create high quality reports, research papers, posters, writing assignments,… Continue reading Adobe Spark in the Classroom

WeVideo & Animoto for Canyon View HS

Permalink: WeVideo: Free Web based video editing. No apps to buy, nothing to install! Add WeVideo to your Google Drive applications or create an account at Basics of Storyboard Editing (Video), the basics of Timeline Editing (Video), and their other video tutorials. Where can I bring in video from? Need video to experiment with?… Continue reading WeVideo & Animoto for Canyon View HS

SnipSnip.It – Share the Good Parts

In case you didn’t know, is an easy way to share your favorite parts of videos you like. Here at SnipSnip, we believe that there are two kinds of people in this world… The kind that just snip videos and the kind that do more with tho…

Ninja-Like Video Skills

Yesterday I was trying to help a teacher who is trying her hardest to effectively use video with her class. She has done a great job all year, but had fallen victim to the morass that is all of the different video codecs out there for video (both …

The New eMedia – Getting You Good To Go!

eMedia is still the first place to look for thousands of educational videos available for teaching Utah’s core curricula, but it has a new look and feel and may look a little different to you. The new interface is much easier to navigate and is de…