Jun 092015

uen_logo_print_colorUEN, in partnership with USOE, SUU and the U of U, have been working hard to make earning your Educational Technology Endorsement (ETEP) a LOT easier – especially if you live and teach outside of the Wasatch Front.

The purpose of this updated program is to break down the barriers of distance, cost, and opportunity. In the process course requirements were realigned with the ISTE standards. Through a new partnership with SUU, teachers can now complete the endorsement entirely online and at a low cost. This updated program is not designed to replace those offered by districts who already have an endorsement program. Although open to all, this program is a great opportunity for teachers in rural areas or districts without an endorsement program.

The ETEP requires nine credits from Utah Education Network and nine credits from either Southern Utah University or the University of Utah. The ETEP program is focused around the ISTE Standards for Teachers. Participants will take various courses from standards 1-4. Standard 5 is achieved through participation in the ETEP program and attendance at an EdTech conference.

Also designed into the program is the opportunity for teachers to continue their education with a Master Degree from either SUU or U of U using courses that they have already taken in the ETEP.

Learn more about the new UEN Educational Technology Endorsement Program or check out the SUU ETEP Google Group.

Sep 262014
UEN Professional Development offers an amazing 6-week online course on Project Based Learning. You can learn more about this course here. Below are some good foundational & informational articles and resources from this course to help you get started with PBL in your classroom:


The Power of Project LearningScholastic Administrator
This article highlights how project-based learning helps to prepare students for their future in the workforce by allowing them to focus on real world issues while working collaboratively and using available technology to generate answers and solutions while still addressing curricular goals.

Start With the Pyramid: Real World Issues Motivate StudentsEdutopia
This article illustrates the benefits of engaging students by using hands-on, real-world problems to achieve learning goals. Watch the video, “Project Learning: An Overview” embedded in the article which shows examples of some authentic projects that students are working on around the country.

What is PBLBuck Institute for Education

Why is Project-Based Learning ImportantEdutopia

Videos that show project-based learning in action in Elementary and Middle Schools:

How Does Project-Based Learning Work?Edutopia
This reading will walk you through the steps required to implement meaningful, project-based learning experiences.

Characteristics of Well-Designed Project-Based UnitsIntel

What Makes a Good Project?Gary Stager
In this article, the author highlights eight characteristics of a good project and then gives you questions to ask yourself as you begin to formulate your ideas to ensure a meaningful project design.

Design Principles for Effective Project-Based LearningPBL Online

Getting A Grip On Project-Based Learning: Theory, Cases And RecommendationsMichael M. Grant


Aug 102014

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This is an exciting time in Beaver County. It will be amazing to see just what you, your teachers and students can accomplish with 24/7 access to Chromebooks, Google Drive, the Internet, and the World. We have a LOT to cover today – here’s our ambitious agenda. All of the information and resources we will cover today are accessible from the presentation below:

Aug 132012

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Thanks for joining me today to learn more about some great ways to integrate the iPad into classroom education, and for general productivity. I’ve attached a PDF and PPT version of the presentation below – the links are active there as well as listed below. You can also get back to this post anytime by using the permalink above or the barcode to the right. You can also access the iPadUEN or ICSD tags on my site to learn more.

Apr 202012

Below is a PDF version of the Projector Do’s and Don’ts presentation today. All of the underlined links are active and will take you to the sites and resoursorces presented, so you will hopefully not need to scribble a bunch of notes and URL’s 


Feb 242011

Today, we’ll explore all of the amazing resources available to you and your students, from school AND at home, through Pioneer Library from UEN. We’ll keep the information here very brief. 

Bookmark this page as a quick guide to Pioneer Resources by topic or category. Teachers and students can access Pioneer from home by heading to http://pioneer.uen.org, using pioneer and search as the password to login. The password changes once a year, but you can always head back to the Pioneer main page from school to see what the current password is.

Once we have completed our tour of Pioneer, you may want to partake in the Pioneer Library Scavenger Hunt that you can use or adapt for use in your school or classroom. All that I ask is that instead of doing the last section on the Visual Thesaurus (which is not in Pioneer any longer), that you explore another section of Pioneer NOT already included in the scavenger hunt and write 3 of your own questions of resources or information to find. I’ll compile these questions, and add it back to a MASTER Scavenger Hunt, which I’ll include here for your use later on.
Mar 012010

Thanks for participating today in the MyUEN Web Page & Online Portfolio training today. Below you will find helpful links and resources that we used in the session today, and that will provide some assistance after today when you get back to your computer and ask yourself, “How did he do that again???”:

Some additional questions and How-To’s have come up since the last training in Cedar City.

Working with documents: Uploading photos and video to My Documents, making them public, and linking to your photos:

Inserting images into your ‘Announcements’ or Lesson Plans portlets:

Using Flickr to make photo slideshows and embedding those slideshows in MyUEN:

Using Flickr to upload videos and embed the video and player in MyUEN:

Uploading .AVI Files from your Flip Camera to Flickr: