URSA 2021

Find this page at bit.ly/clintatursa Canvas + Video = Online Superstar! Or, Recording & Embedding Quality Instructional Content Access the session slides as well as the Canvas course with all of the steps and how-to videos. Maybe you are not looking to become an online superstar, but you DO want to record video in Canvas for your… Continue reading URSA 2021

iPad Recording for South Sanpete PD Day

Permalink: https://goo.gl/cJ3sMb Apps, sites and services we’ll cover today (I’ll add notes and any of your suggested apps as we go!): Explain Everything (I’ll be showing the $9.99 “Classic” version, but the free for 30 days subscription version will work for today). Learn more about their education subscription pricing, find an existing project to build… Continue reading iPad Recording for South Sanpete PD Day

URSA 2015

Thank you so much for joining me for one (or more) of my sessions at the 2015 URSA Conference. All of the presentation information, links and resources for my sessions are linked from this page (and from the URSA tab above). If you have any questions or comments during or after the conference, you can connect… Continue reading URSA 2015

Getting Started with Flipped & Blended Instruction

Permalink: http://goo.gl/szs1uu and Google Presentation Link When one hears “Flipped Instruction” one typically thinks about students watching videos. And you’d be right! Videos are typically a large component of the flipped classroom pedagogy. When instructional video is used in the classroom, students retain more information, visually understand concepts more readily and are more passionate about what… Continue reading Getting Started with Flipped & Blended Instruction