UCET 2013 – Links to My Presentation Resources

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Mar 062013

Welcome to UCET 2013! Below are the links to all of my presentation resources – just click on the session you have attended, and you’ll be able to download PDF’s of my presentations (or access them directly), see all of the session notes and links to the apps and resources that I have presented.

If you’d like to be informed when I post new resources and information, you can follow me on Twitter @sedcclint, or on my Facebook Page. Thanks for your attendance and interest!

Friday, March 8

Saturday, March 9

Jun 072012
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Thanks for joining me today to learn more about management and deployment of iPads for your schools. There are some BIG changes to how this whole thing works with iOS 7, and it all for the better!

There is a lot to discuss, and I’m afraid that we will not have time to cover everything in detail during the session today. From what I’ve learned so far, there really is not a ‘Silver Bullet’ to make all of this easy to understand and put into action – so I’ve over-explained it all in my presentation, and have included a PDF and PPT version of it for your reference and perusal. All of the links & resources mentioned are listed for quick access below.

Also, here are my notes for iOS Deployment and for the Volume Purchasing Program, from which this presentation was built.