Jun 032014

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Since our time is limited today, we decided to let YOU choose the topics for our presentation today. Please head to my voting page at Mentimeter and vote for your top pick. Once we have covered the overall top item, we will come back and vote again.

You can view the entire presentation here. I’ll be sure to update it with any new contributions from the presenters and participants. All of the links and apps in the presentation follow:

Jun 012012

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Thanks so much for joining me today to learn more about getting the most out of your iPad in an educational setting, and for productivity in general. I’ve included a PDF and PPT files of the presentation at the bottom of this post for your reference and use, as well as listed below all of the apps and resources that we’ll cover today. If no price is listed after app, it’s free.

NOTE: Both documents
below have been updated with the AirServer links and info.