Stories From Grandview

Photo of Uncle Eugene sitting in front of the house on parade day.

Recordings from 2022

It’s JUNK! (Download)
Family homes growing up and touring cemeteries (Download)
Where to find the family (more cemeteries–audio on this one is a little rough) (Download)
Thirty-five and Fifty, plus no more pooping! (Download)
Family names, “I’ll have you cremated!”, a plate in the face, driving to the liquor store, liquor talk, “FORE!”, and a feline visitor  (Download)
Farm memories, Grandma working, to school by horse and buggy?, a chamber pot, and snoring (Download)
Spankings, living with your in-laws, ashtray battles, and party line eavesdropping (Download)
Applesauce bars and a bargain on wax (Download)
Mom remembers Christmas, plus a little more wax (Download)

Bonus Recordings! (2018-2021)

20211983 scooter tires (Download)
2021They were avoiding a cat… (Download)
2019Raising the tracks (Download)
2019: Tree frog visitor (Download)
2018No pooping? (Download)

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