Oct 302013

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I’m so glad to be with the good folks at Fiddlers Elementary School to introduce you to some of the great software and services that Google has to offer. Today we’ll take a look at Google Docs, Google Earth, and Google Sites. Below are links to some resources and related articles from my blog to help you after our training today:

Oct 282013

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Thanks for having me at Beaver High School today to work with you on implementing a paperless workflow with you and your students. Take a look at the links below for the needed resources for this training:

UTIPS Core Quick Start Guide

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Oct 152013

Click here to view my Quick Start slides (opens in a new tab).

If you are just getting started, or want to get started using UTIPS Core for formative assessment in your classroom, but have not had any training or instruction, take a look at my quick(ish) guide below. You can also find an online manual for UTIPS Core here.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact me. If many teachers at your school would like some help or training on UTIPS Core, have your principal contact me to provide a training for your school in the SEDC region.

Oct 142013

23 iPad Alternatives to the Book Report, from ipadders.eu.

A great article that not only gives you 23 great ideas of how you can incorporate Project Based Learning twist with the tried-and-true book report, but it also highlights the iPad apps they use for each project type. Many of these project ideas can be modified to work easily with assessment in other content areas as well.

Oct 112013

The 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address will be on November 19. To mark this historic and important event, UEN has partnered with numerous organizations to help with a statewide effort to memorize and learn about the Address – particularly focusing on how it applies today. Events are scheduled through the entire school year, culminating in a spring broadcast on PBS by Ken Burns called The Address.

Check out the GettyReady Web site at http://gettyready.org, or check out an introductory video from Ken Burns here.