Oct 102011
I've just upped my 6-month free Animoto Plus account, and this time Animoto has thrown in a nice surprise… They've given me a promo code that up to 50 people can use to get their own Animoto Plus account. If you've wanted to give this great service a try as a different way for students to create amazing presentations and slide-shows, use the following promo code to set up an account:


Oct 102011

This article highlights a recent Pew Internet survey which finds that 83% of adults own a cell phone, and over half have used the phone to instantly access information online to answer a question that they have.

Why do we think that these devices can not be an effective tool in the classroom???

This article is a good read and has some great validation for rethinking the prevalent ‘Ban All Cell Phones’ policies that are in place across the nation.

Oct 102011


There’s something about teachers teaching teachers that makes this video a must see.  Teachers are always thinking miles ahead and this instructor does just that.  She has wonderful ideas on how to integrate Poll Everywhere in lessons, and tells of her experiences with the site, she also…as all teachers can do ~prophesies~ before teachers incorporate anything into a lesson the one question we ask ourselves is…what could go wrong?  Well, in this video you get her experience speaking to that topic.  Check it out!


More and more teachers are using Poll Everywhere in their instruction, and now more teacher trainers are instructing teachers on how to incorporate Poll Everywhere into their classrooms.

Be sure to catch the video – she gives a good intro to how the system works, how to create both open-ended and multiple choice polls, and the cooperating teachers ask the questions that most teachers would have.