Nov 162010

HI Clint – thought you would enjoy this:

SMS Voting as main purpose - dead - dead - dead - AKA - by - nice logo (!) (direct ripoff) (direct ripoff)
Other good Web2.0/Mobile classroom response system:
Twitter voting: (dead)
SMS Voting as a feature in a broader suite (usually for corporate/marketing) - Acq. by singlepoint - Discontinued the poll part - AKA QuestionPro. Dropped SMS product

Nov 162010

Classroom response systems are becoming more and more prevalent. If only the clickers didn’t cost $70 a piece on top of the interactive white board setup.

Even with the limitations and potential issues of time, speed, and availability of student cell phones, I still like the idea of Poll Everywhere for introducing teachers to this sort of on-the-fly formative evaluation of student learning.