Oct 182010

I will try to refrain from making the obvious joke about there not being any such thing as a 'bad' cookie, but I had a teacher ask me the other day how to get rid of her daughters email login information on her work computer – every time she wanted to check her email, she had to delete the username that the web browser so graciously entered for her convenience.??

When a web browser offers to save your login or other information, it creates what is called a 'cookie' file. The purpose for this??is to make your next visit to the site a little easier, faster or more friendly. It's usually pretty simple to just delete all cookies on your machine for a browser, but that's a heavy handed fix for a seemingly minor issue like this.??

The steps to delete an individual cookie is a little more involved to do, but I've created a screencast that will show you the process.??

I've included the steps for both Safari and Firefox – leave a comment on this article if you'd like the process to be shown for Chrome.

Here we go!